New Ultimate 1MB/Incognito Beta BIOS

After two months of development, a new (beta) BIOS is available for the Ultimate 1MB:

Ultimate BIOS Beta 0.24 Release

Features of the new BIOS include:

  • The ability to set the date and time from the setup menu
  • Dual configuration profiles
  • Categorized menus covering system settings, hard disk, device setup, etc
  • Turbo-Freezer compatibility
  • Customisable shortcut keys
  • OS-independent Ultra-speed SIO for serial disk drives
  • Optional BIOS logo screen and boot device selection menu
  • Optional flash write protection
  • System information page displaying CPU type, audio/video hardware, etc
  • BIOS Plugin API for diverse hardware control (Ultimate 1MB only)
  • Variable SpartaDOS X ROM sizes (192, 256 and 320KB)

A near identical version of the BIOS for Incognito will follow shortly. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please visit the corresponding thread on the AtariAge forum.