PokeyMAX 2, released in 2020, provides a complete FPGA POKEY chip implementation and boasts a huge number of integrated features, such as Stereo/Quad POKEY audio, Covox, PSG, SID emulation, and much more. Thanks to foft’s excellent design, it’s possible to configure the device entirely in software. In 2021, PokeyMAX 2’s successor – PokeyMAX 3 – arrived, bringing with it even more power and convenience.

Ultimate 1MB users with PokeyMAX may download and install the latest U1MB firmware, which includes a plugin specially designed for PokeyMAX. With the plugin, you can configure your PokeyMAX hardware right in the U1MB BIOS setup menu, and even maintain up to four different PokeyMAX configuration profiles.

Please visit the U1MB Firmware page to download U1MB firmware with PokeyMAX support.

PokeyMAX 3 is available from Retronics.