Repairs and Upgrades

Need upgrades or repair work on your Atari 8-bit computer?

  • RAM upgrades (Ultimate 1MB, etc)
  • Installation of common upgrades (VBXE, Rapidus, Stereo Pokey, etc)
  • General repair of dead or faulty machines
  • Case mods (video jacks for VBXE, etc)
  • Restoration service (case cleaning and rejuvenation, PCB cleaning)
  • Custom video cables (SCART, DB9, Component, etc for VBXE, Sofia, etc)
  • Keyboard fixes (Mylar trace repair and cleaning)
  • Firmware updates and bricked machine rescuing (U1MB PLCC flashing, OS ROM replacement)

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Since the beginning of 2017, much of the work carried out on 8-bit Ataris has been live-streamed to YouTube. I’ve arranged the videos by general subject matter and constructed playlists covering various common topics.

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