Monthly Archives: July 2021

U1MB, Incognito, 1088XEL and 1088XLD Firmware Update

I’m pleased to release the latest firmware update for the U1MB and Incognito platforms. The update – which updates the main BIOS to version 4.05 – fixes the following issues:

  • Idle (screensaver) timer not being reset by non-repeating keystrokes
  • Default message delay when using joystick
  • ‘Restore defaults’ crash
  • Failure to run plugin callbacks aligned on page boundaries
  • Missing plugin calls in Incognito BIOS
  • VBXE plugin no longer resets board (fixes screen glitch on 1088XEL/XLD)

Other changes:

  • Sophia 2 plugin resolution test period extended to 10 seconds
  • Sophia 2 plugin resolution test can be aborted with ESC

In addition, the SIDECFG.XEX tool (for the SIDE/SIDE2 OSS cart ROMs) has been updated and corrected, and UFLASH has been updated to fix a small cosmetic bug when displaying the Incognito ROM contents.


U1MB users should update the ‘Firmware’ slot with the desired 64K firmware file. Incognito users who already applied the 4.0x update may simply apply the ‘IBIOS.ROM’ file, since neither of the other two firmware components (IPBI.ROM and ILOADER.ROM) have changed at all.

Plugins should be re-installed as required following the update.

Get the update from the Firmware section.