SIDE3 Soft Driver For SpartaDOS X

The SIDE3 Cartridge, designed by Sebastian Bartkowicz (‘Candle O’Sin’) and with software by FJC, finally adds full cartridge emulation to the hard disk and loader functionality provided by SIDE/SIDE2. SIDE3 presents a complete, all-in-one solution for loading executables and cartridge images (CAR and ROM files), and provides the ‘ultimate’ solution for disk images, cartridges, executables and bootable hard disk partitions when coupled with Ultimate 1MB. The cartridge also boasts a real time clock, built-in SpartaDOS X, massive on-board ROM and RAM, and more.

Using SpartaDOS X and the SIDE3.SYS driver, one can enjoy most of the benefits of a hard disk interface on the Atari by simply plugging in the cartridge and turning on the machine. The SIDE3 driver is loaded directly from SDX’s “CAR” device, and installs much of its code into the extended RAM when SpartaDOS X is using BANKED memory.

Note: at least 128K of RAM is strongly recommended when using SDX and SIDE3.SYS.

In addition to the SIDE3 driver, all necessary partitioning and maintenance tools are also present on the CAR: device. These include:

  • FDISK (disk partitioning tool)
  • LSDEV (device information tool)
  • LSDSK (partition information tool)

The SIDE driver for SpartaDOS X uses the APT (Atari Partition Table) scheme, devised by Konrad Kokoszkiewicz. This ensures storage media can be easily shared with any hard disk controller which supports APT. Currently, this includes MyIDE and MyIDE II (using APT drivers), IDEa (using APT PBI BIOS), Ultimate 1MB PBI BIOS, Incognito, and IDE Plus 2.0.

Download SpartaDOS X 4.49e for SIDE3

SpartaDOS X 4.49e for SIDE3

Be sure to download the APT Toolkit as well:


Special thanks to Candle and Lotharek.

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