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New Ultimate 1MB/Incognito Beta BIOS

After two months of development, a new (beta) BIOS is available for the Ultimate 1MB:

Ultimate BIOS Beta 0.24 Release

Features of the new BIOS include:

  • The ability to set the date and time from the setup menu
  • Dual configuration profiles
  • Categorized menus covering system settings, hard disk, device setup, etc
  • Turbo-Freezer compatibility
  • Customisable shortcut keys
  • OS-independent Ultra-speed SIO for serial disk drives
  • Optional BIOS logo screen and boot device selection menu
  • Optional flash write protection
  • System information page displaying CPU type, audio/video hardware, etc
  • BIOS Plugin API for diverse hardware control (Ultimate 1MB only)
  • Variable SpartaDOS X ROM sizes (192, 256 and 320KB)

A near identical version of the BIOS for Incognito will follow shortly. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please visit the corresponding thread on the AtariAge forum.

Atari8 Site Re-launch

Having finally overcome various hosting and other technical issues, I’m pleased to announce that is now back online. While more new content is in the pipeline, you can already download brand new SpartaDOS X 4.47 APT ROMs here.