IDE Plus 2.0

APT Toolkit and SDX 4.47 for IDE Plus

The successor to the KMK/JZ and IDEa interfaces, the IDE Plus 2.0 PBI host adapter boasts an on-board real time clock, built-in SpartaDOS X, OS compatible operation, and sophisticated firmware written by Konrad Kokoszkiewicz. It may be used with a 2.5″ IDE hard disk drive, single or dual Compact Flash adapter, or CF/SD card adapter.

Latterly the IDE Plus 2.0 BIOS has provided support for APT, and as such, IDE Plus media must be partitioned with the APT FDISK partitioning tool by FJC from the APT Toolkit. However, since many users have requested a version of FDISK which runs directly from the CAR: device of SpartaDOS X, what’s provided here is an augmentation of the official SDX ROM available from the SpartaDOS X Updgrade site. The customised ROM includes the FDISK partitioning tool (along with several other APT utilities, some by FJC and others from the IDE Plus 2.0 toolkit written by KMK) on the CAR: volume. The latest version of KMK’s FATFS.SYS driver is also provided on CAR: in this ROM for the user’s convenience.


SDX 4.47 for IDE Plus 2.0 with FDISK and APT Tools

APT Toolkit Rev. 5 (ATR)

Older versions

SDX 4.46 for IDE Plus 2.0 with FDISK and APT Tools

Many thanks to DLT for the SpartaDOS Imaging tool, and for the original SDX ROMs.