APT Hard Disk Toolkit

The APT Tools form a complete set of hard disk partition management utilities for compliant Atari interfaces, including SIDE, Ultimate 1MB, Incognito, and IDE Plus 2.0. A single unified toolkit is now provided for users of SpartaDOS X, MyDOS, SpartaDOS 3.x and RealDOS. The same tools work with all compatible disk operating systems, and behave in a broadly similar way regardless of the DOS in use.

The APT Toolkit includes the following utilities:


The toolkit may be downloaded via the following link:

APT Toolkit Rev. 5 (ATR)

The toolkit is provided on two bootable disk images: one for SpartaDOS and one for MyDOS. Documentation for each individual tool is included on the appropriate ATR, along with all drivers and ROMs relevant to the corresponding system. The toolkit provides everything necessary for the preparation and partitioning of physical disks and Compact Flash media for use with your APT hard disk adapter.

Note: All of the programs on the toolkit disk (space permitting, and where relevant to the adapter in use) are already present on the CAR: device of the APT-ready SDX 4.46 ROMs for your convenience. In addition, the Ultimate and Incognio SDX 4.46 ROMs also have the uFlash utility on CAR:.

FDISK v.4.5 Update

Version 4.5 of FDISK fixes two potentially dangerous bugs in the partition editor, and is a recommended update. You may upgrade simply by downloading and flashing the SDX ROMs for your hardware (via the corresponding firmware page), downloading Rev.5 of the APT toolkit disk and running FDISK from there, or downloading the FDISK 4.5 files for CAR and inserting them into the SDX ROM yourself using the SDX Imaging Tool and flashing the ROM back to the hardware using uFlash, or by reassembling the appropriate ATR flasher.

FDISK v.4.5 for CAR

Note: when adding FDISK to CAR using the SDX Imager, ensure that the OVL files have the Hidden (+H) attribute set. FDISK.COM, meanwhile, should be left unhidden.

SDX Soft-Driver Pack

If you have already customised your SDX ROM (Using the SpartaDOS X Imager) and would prefer to manually insert the most recent SDX soft-driver, you can download a ZIP file containing only the latest soft-drivers using the link below:

SDX Soft Drivers v.3.3

Simply extract the appropriate soft-driver for your hardware, and use the SDX Imager to put the file in the SDX ROM.