U1MB and Incognito firmware, SIDE loader, and KMK/JZ APT BIOS
SIDE2_thmAPT Soft-Drivers
APT drivers and custom SDX ROMs for SIDE, SIDE2, MyIDE/Flash, Internal MyIDE, MyIDE II, and Colleen.
GUI_TinyGUI Project
The exciting new windowed, multi-tasking graphical operating system being developed for 8-bit Atari computers.
iron_smallUpgrades and Repairs
Find out more about our upgrade and repair service.
YouTube Videos
YouTube videos demonstrating upgrades and repairs categorised by machine and problem time.
LW33_Title_TinyThe Last Word
The powerful 80 column word processor with macro facility, high speed editing, and advanced file manager.
Convenient in-place flashing tool for Ultimate 1MB, Incognito, and more.